Monday, 5 January 2015

Top 10 Homer Simpson Gift Ideas

Top 10 Homer Simpson Gift Ideas Top 10 Homer Simpson Gift Ideas

Is it possible that TV has destroyed my brain? I only ask, because these days I seem to be having the most realistic of hallucinations! Everywhere I go, everywhere I look I see Homer Simpson! Well if I am going mad, I am about to drag you lot down the same insane hole as well…

Top 10 Homer Simpson Gift Ideas


Homer Simpson Egg Cup Homer Simpson Egg Cup

10 – Egg Cup

We first saw this in my post “Top 10 Egg Cup Gift Sets” and it is still a classic gift idea for anyone who loves The Simpsons. I just love the way his eyes look up towards the egg being broken into.

Homer Simpson Xbox 360 Homer Simpson Xbox 360

9 – Xbox 360

This might be a last gen console, but still expect to pay top-dollar for this very limited edition Xbox 360 Pro that was made as a tie in with The Simpsons Movie. So don’t have a cow man, get yourself over to Ebay and stalk one out!

Homer Simpson Ice-Cube Tray Homer Simpson Ice-Cube Tray

8 – Ice Cube Tray

You could make all sorts with this Homer ice-cube tray. From ice cubes (obviously), chocolates or even soaps! This isn’t just an ice-cube tray, it’s a business idea!

Homer Simpson Animated USB 4 Port Hub Homer Simpson Animated USB 4 Port Hub

7 – USB 4 Port Hub

Not only a handy gadget to have, it is also an animated one! every time you plug-in a gadget into a USB port it will spin around and say “Woo Hoo!” Its a win, win as far as I am concerned.

Homer Simpson Slippers Homer Simpson Slippers

6 – Slippers

These have been around for a while now, but lets face it, they are still cool! Just pop your foot into his mouth for some warm, slipper action! Here is a question: Do big slippers like this have a left and right version, or are they both?

Homer Simpson Mug With Biscuit Shelf Homer Simpson Mug With Biscuit Shelf

5 – Mug ‘n’Shelf

This would have been so much better if you could have got a whole doughnut under the mug! But I will take a cool biscuit shelf any day of the week. I wonder if a hot cup of coffee would melt the chocolate biscuit underneath?!?

Homer Simpson Homersapien Robosapien RC Remote Control Robot Homer Simpson Homersapien Robosapien RC Remote Control Robot

4 – Homersapien

I used to have the V2 Robosapien so I know how much fun these robots can be. So imagine that fun but in Homer Simpson form! Much like Homer Himself this is a no-brainer.

Homer Simpson Lego Homer Simpson Lego

3 – Lego

There are loads of great Lego sets on the market now. From the whole Simpsons house, to individual characters. For a Lego collector they are invaluable, to the kids they are great fun when being broken apart after hours putting it together.

Homer Simpson Head Skateboard Homer Simpson Head Skateboard

2 – Head Skater

If Bart Simpson had one of these in the opening intro it would have been a little weird. But not half as weird as you will look when you turn up at the skateboard park with this!

Homer Simpson Wine Bottle Homer Simpson Wine Bottle

1 – Wine

The bad news is that these are just a concept for now. But with cult TV shows getting more and more merchandise made for them it is only a matter of time until this is a real product. But if the wine inside is non-alcoholic….DOH!

So now for today’s question: If you were to exist in “The Simpson World”…Who would you be?

Top 10 Homer Simpson Gift Ideas