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Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes

Valentines day is one day when diets should be put on the back burner, and love should come to you left right and center. So make tomorrow extra special by making one of these rather delicious heart shaped cakes…

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes


Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Chocolate Flake Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

10 – Wedding Hearts

This 3 tier wedding cake is make with more flakes that an ice-cream vans stock! All rounded off in a heart shape upon a heart shape, and all sat on yet another heart-shaped cake! I’m sure that many of you will agree that this is what love is all about, chocolate upon even more chocolate.

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

9 – Chocolate Covered Love

These chocolate covered raspberry cakes are definitely going to be the way to my heart. In fact for one of these I will happily declare my undying love for you as well.

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

8 – Swirl of Spots

If you think this heart swirl cheese cake is out of you league it might surprise you to discover how easy it is to make. In fact there is a touch of genius about it, so if you want to know how they make those hearts like that click in the image and discover a bit more about it including a recipe and making guide.

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Heart Shaped Chocolate Finger Cake

7 – Princess Cake

It really doesn’t matter that there isn’t a making guide of recipe with this cake because it looks good enough on its own! And besides you could always find out how to make a chocolate finger cake in my post “Top 10 Chocolate Finger Cakes.”

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Heart Shaped Kit Kat Cake

6 – Kit Kat Kicker

You just knew there had to be one Kit-Kat cake here. There is no making guide to this, but you can find one in my post “Top 10 Kit Kat Cakes” just make it heart-shaped!

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Blueberry Heart Cheesecake

5 – Heart of Cheese

I didn’t say it had to be a sponge cake! So why not whip up and real dessert treat with this heart-shaped cheesecake with blueberry filling and Raspberry topping. No recipes or making guide, but to be fair it is just a normal shaped one in a heart-shaped tin!

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Heart Shape Fruit Cake

4 – Fruit Cake

While you would expect nothing less from a professional cake maker like “cakes couture” this fruit cake is simply amazing. I hate fruit cake, but I would eat all the rest of eat!

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Beautiful Heart Shaped Cake

3 – Red Heart

I don’t know what this cake is made from, or how it was made. But it looks simply stunning, but I was left wondering what those little droplets are all over it.

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Heart Shaped Cake With Dark-Chocolate Ganache

2 – Dark Hart

I wonder what the difference is between a ‘Hart’ and a ‘Heart’!? Looking up the definition it says ‘Hart’ is a male deer! Well I know now. Anyway I had to distract you while I quickly make and ate this cake. Full recipe and making guide in the image link.

Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes Rainbow Heart Cake

1 – There’s a Rainbow in My Heart

With such a stunning clash of colours I had to make this my number 1. Imagine cutting into this on your wedding day and finding this inside of it. Simply stunning and perfect for Valentines day. Best of all is that there really is a full step-by-step making guide in the image link!

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Top 10 Heart Shaped Cakes